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No power outages after Ciara and Dennis

First Storm Ciara blew passed. Then it was the turn of Storm Dennis. Neither storm caused any weather related power outages in Partille’s electricity network.

At Partille Energi we wish to deliver electricity in a safe way to our customers. That is why we invest, refurbish and structurally improve the electricity network to safeguard delivery of electricity every day. And still our electricity network prices are among the lowest in Sweden. The bad weather and storms passed by without any electricity outages. This proves that our investments help to safeguard our delivery of electricity.

But we know that outages and disruptions of electricity and heating distribution may occur and may be longer lasting. During the winter month this can be extra difficult. Do you have all you need at home, to manage during an extended power outage? Read more about current outages, and get tips and advice on the page Outages.  

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