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Things to consider when you choose electricity trading company

Kvinna med telefon

Perhaps a salesperson from an electricity trading company has contacted you by phone or in town, promising you much lower electricity costs if you sign a contract with them? Below are some facts and good advice that might be helpful when you choose electricity supplier.

– It is possible to compare and choose electricity supplier based on price och the impact on environment. Since autumn 2019 Konsumenternas Energimarknadsbyrå (the Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau) maintains a list of the electricity trading companies with most complaints against them. The list might be helpful when you choose electricity supplier. You find it here.

Be careful when you give your consent to a company by phone, over the internet or in a shop. Check that the consent does not give them greater powers than you intended. For example, your consent may give the company the right to break your contract with your current supplier, even though this means that you will be charged an exit fee.

– There are agencies who will do the negotiating and carry out the switch to another electricity trading company for you. Bear in mind that they often transfer you to the company that offers them the best fee. This is not always the best price or terms for you.

– You have 14 days right of withdrawal, to change your mind, if you have been called and signed an electricity supply contract by phone. You have the same right of withdrawal, to change your mind, if you have signed a contract in town.

– In the case of telephone sales (since 2018), you must be given the opportunity to accept the company’s offer in writing after the call has ended. Without the written agreement, the contract is not valid.

All electricity customers must have both an electricity network contract (elnätsavtal) and an electricity supplier contract (elhandelsavtal). Göteborg Energi Din El AB is the designated electricity supplier of Partille Energi Nät AB. If you are an electricity network customer with Partille Energi Nät AB, and you have not opted for any other electricity supplier, you will automatically get an electricity supply contract with Göteborg Energi Din El AB.

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