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Get outage information in your mobile phone.

Kvinna med mobiltelefon

Register your mobile telephone number, so that you can get text messages about planned outages and service interruptions in a quick and easy way.

It’s important for Partille Energi to be able deliver electricity and distant heating with high operational safety. That is why we continously do maintenance work on our grid networks and other equipment.

During the autumn we will replace a large number of our cable distribution cabinets to improve electricity safety. During the replacement of the cabinets, there will be shorter, planned power outages. Customers affected by the interruptions will receive information by post and as a message on My Pages. We will also carry out a test about receiving outage information in mobile phones.

This is how it works.

Before the planned outage, and in good time, you will get a text message about the day and hour of the maintenance work. Then you will get a reminder when it’s time. During an unplanned outage/service disruption you will get a text message as soon as the error is discovered.

Would you like to get information about outages in your mobile phone? Please log into Mina Sidor (My Pages) with your BankID och register your mobile phone number under Mina Uppgifter (My Details).

Welcome to register!

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