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Information on how to adjust your district heating substation.

Do you know how your local district heating substation works? If not, you can watch our new video with English subtitles to understand how it works. The video will show you useful tips such as how to adjust the heat of your hot water, how to vent your radiators and much more.

When the heat is turned on again after a period of being shut off during summertime everything mostly works accordingly. But sometimes a situation of cold radiators may occur. If you live in a villa in Partille with district heating you have your own district heating substation located in your house.

In our video-guide to self help posted above, you will get a demonstration on the different valves, what the controls are for and how to adjust these to sustain comfort in your home.

If you followed the instructions in the video, and still are having trouble with your district heating system – do not hesitate to contact our customer service and we will help you to book a service appointment.

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