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New requirements for electricity meters

Foto på Mikael Jednell, vice VD Partille Energi

By 1 January 2025, all electricity meters in Sweden must have functions that, among other things, will make it easier for customers who want to monitor their energy use or be active in the electricity market. One of the new requirements is therefore that the meters must have an interface that enables customers to retrieve information from the meter.

We are currently working together with Lerum Energi, which handles operation and maintenance in our networks, to select the next generation of meters that meet the new requirements. Replacements of all meters will be planned for 2023 and 2024, says Mikael Jednell, Deputy CEO of Partille Energi.

The Energy Market Inspectorate has developed the functional requirements for the new electricity meters. In the link you can read more about what they should be able to do.
Link to the Energy Market Inspectorate

The electricity meters that are now used in Partille Energi’s network unfortunately do not support the new requirements for customer interfaces. This means that it is not already possible today to connect equipment that requires a so-called HAN port or P1 port to the existing meters.

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