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We are lowering electricity grid prices from 1 July 2023

Glad Sommar - Nu sänker vi elnätspriserna

At Partille Energi Nät AB we are pleased to announce that we are reducing the electricity grid fees from 1st July 2023. The price is reduced because our costs for transmitting electricity through the grid will be lower than we previously calculated. We want this to benefit you as a customer.

The electricity transmission fee will be reduced by 3 öre/kWh excluding VAT, and by 3,75 öre/kWh including VAT for all consumption tariffs.
The reason for the lower price is that Vattenfall has announced that they will reduce their regional network tariff from 1st July. Electricity trading prices are falling, and this also contributes to our lower costs when purchasing electricity for grid losses.

For a customer living in a flat with an annual consumption of approx. 2000 kWh, the electricity grid cost is reduced by approx. SEK 75/year. A customer in a larger flat or in a villa without electric heating, with an annual consumption of 5 000 kWh will get a reduction of approx. SEK 190/year. For a villa customer with an annual consumption of approx. 20 000 kWh/year, the reduction will be SEK 750/year.

In the latest independent Nils Holgersson report from 2023 with comparisons of electricity grid fees in Sweden’s 290 municipalities, Partille Energi Nät AB is ranked among the 35 municipalities with the lowest fees, precisely as in previous years. By this price reduction on 1st July, Partille Energi consolidates further Partille’s place as an attractive municipality to live and work in.

Follow the links to get to the pages with complete price information for each tariff.
Please also read more in the Nils Holgersson report for 2023.

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