Are you moving?

When moving into a new home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here we have listed a small guide for you who are moving for the first time and perhaps wishes to know what needs to be done.

To sign electricity contracts

Sometimes electricity is included in the rent, but if it’s not, you need to sign a contract. Do you know how to do it? No?Keep calm, we can help you. The electricity is divided into two parts. You need to sign both an electricity network contract and an electricity trading contract. You must sign the electricity network contract with the company that owns the electricity network where you live. In Partille, it is Partille Energi Nät AB. You can freely choose the company for your electricity trading contract. There are many in Sweden who sell electricity, so there are certainly alternatives for you. At you can compare electricity contracts.

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Electricity to my new flat?

First check in which network area your flat is located and which company is the network owner at your new address. If you live in Partille Energi’s electricity network area, you can register your move here on the web. It’s a good thing to prepare so you have all the information about your new address so you do not enter errors when registering. After you have signed an electricity network contract, you must sign an electricity trading contract. You can do this before you receive your confirmation of the electricity network contract. An easy way to choose an electricity trading company is to use

Link to Elpriskollen

Do I have to choose an electricity trading contract?

If you do not sign an electricity trading contract with any company, you will receive electricity via a designated contract. It is a standard contract with the trading company that we designate. Göteborg Energi Din El AB is Partille Energi Nät AB’s designated electricity trading supplier.

What will happen if I don’t sign any electricity network contract?

If there is no signed electricity network contract for the new address, there may be no electricity on the day of moving in, or it will be switched off shortly. It happens when we have not received a message that there is a new customer at the address. We have a routine of closing down facilities where there is no valid ongoing contract. Avoid it by contacting us well in advance.

To sign a contract for district heating

Flats and apartments in apartment buildings and premises in industrial hotels are often heated with district heating. In those cases the property owner has a district heating contract with us and as a tenant you usually do not need your own contract. If you move into a detached house in Partille that already has district heating, you need to sign your own contract. For private customers, we offer contracts where you can rent or own your district heating substation. Check with the previous owner which contract they had. You can either sign the same type of contract or switch to another if you wish.

Form for moving, electricity and district heating

Here you can easily register and fill in the form for moving in and moving out. Remember that we want your notification for electricity at least 14 days before you move and for district heating at least 30 days before you move. See form below.

Form for moving

    Moving inMoving out

    Fill in the date when you will be moving in/moving out.

    Refers to
    Electricity networkDistrict heating

    Personal data

    Delivery address

    Invoice address / Final invoice

    Other data

    Please send confirmation by:

    I agree to the general terms of agreement for electrical power supply and transmission and I accept that my personal data is processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).*

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