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We are lowering electricity grid prices from 1 July 2023

Glad Sommar - Nu sänker vi elnätspriserna

At Partille Energi Nät AB we are pleased to announce that we are reducing the electricity grid fees from 1st July 2023. The price is reduced because our costs for transmitting electricity through the grid will be lower than we previously calculated. We want this to benefit you as a customer.

The electricity transmission fee will be reduced by 3 öre/kWh excluding VAT, and by 3,75 öre/kWh including VAT for all consumption tariffs.
The reason for the lower price is that Vattenfall has announced that they will reduce their regional network tariff from 1st July. Electricity trading prices are falling, and this also contributes to our lower costs when purchasing electricity for grid losses.

For a customer living in a flat with an annual consumption of approx. 2000 kWh, the electricity grid cost is reduced by approx. SEK 75/year. A customer in a larger flat or in a villa without electric heating, with an annual consumption of 5 000 kWh will get a reduction of approx. SEK 190/year. For a villa customer with an annual consumption of approx. 20 000 kWh/year, the reduction will be SEK 750/year.

In the latest independent Nils Holgersson report from 2023 with comparisons of electricity grid fees in Sweden’s 290 municipalities, Partille Energi Nät AB is ranked among the 35 municipalities with the lowest fees, precisely as in previous years. By this price reduction on 1st July, Partille Energi consolidates further Partille’s place as an attractive municipality to live and work in.

Follow the links to get to the pages with complete price information for each tariff.
Please also read more in the Nils Holgersson report for 2023.

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New General terms and conditions for the supply of district heating

Bild på fjärrvärme avtal

The general terms and conditions for district heating have been negotiated and they are now established. The new, amended terms will apply from 1 September, 2023.

There are two versions of the general terms and conditions for district heating. One version is ”for the supply of district heating for use in the course of business” and the other one is ”for the supply of district heating for private use”. The terms and conditions for the use in the course of business were established by the Heating Market Committee, while the terms and conditions for private users where established by Swedenergy – Energiföretagen and the Swedish Consumer Agency.
The general terms and conditions have been revised as they were subject to changes in the District Heating Act and the new provisions from the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, established last summer. Also, the content of the regulation (EiFS 2022:3) is the main reason for the changes in terms and conditions. It concerns measurement, collection of measurement values, information on energy use, invoicing and invoicing information.
In addition, there are some minor linguistic adjustments, as well as a few amendments.
These are for example:

  • The right of the district heating company to install control equipment for limited distribution of heating in the customer’s installation (terms and conditions for business users 7.5).
  • Provisions on the right to demand security or prepayment from customers with possible payment difficulties (terms and conditions for private users 6.4 ff).
  • The right to terminate an agreement with a private customer has been discussed (terms and conditions for private users 9.1). Only one exemplifying sentence has been removed.

The terms and conditions enter into force on September 1, 2023, and can be downloaded here, and under “Documents and forms” from our website.

Terms of agreement for the supply of district heating for use in the course of business, 1 september 2023

Terms of agreement for the supply of district heating for private use, 1 september 2023

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Here are some really helpful energy saving tips

El spartips

Underfloor heating is great, but it rarely needs to be on all the time. Save on energy consumption by connecting a timer to the heating system, or turn it on and off manually as needed.

Free up space for the radiators. Shelves, furniture and other things placed in front of the radiators will obstruct the heated air. More energy will be required to heat your home.

Cook faster with a lid on the pot.  Water will heat up much faster if you use a lid. This of course means that less electricity will be used, and your food will be cooked in less time.

Using a kettle instead of the stove when heating water is more energy efficient and usually faster than using the stove.

Do not wash your laundry until the machine is fully loaded. And when doing the washing, do not use higher temperatures than necessary.

Use a dishwasher, if possible. Running fully loaded dishwashers on energy-saving programs saves more energy than washing by hand in hot water.

Check the weather stripping of windows and doors. Heat will quickly leak from cracks. Moreover, a poorly sealed home will become drafty, which makes it feel colder than it is.

Remember to turn off the cooker hood when you are not cooking any food. To use electricity to air out the smell of oozing food is a good investment. But a running fan will also dispel a lot of heated air.

Turn off electronic products completely when they are not in use. The standby mode accounts for relatively large ”energy leaks”. Each device in itself will not consume any large amounts of electricity when it’s on standby. But if you think about all the devices in a home, you can make decent savings here as well.

Use cold water if you just want to rinse your hands. Hot water will not arrive until you turn off the tap, anyway.

Keep the appropriate temperature in the fridge and the freezer. +4 degrees Celsius in the fridge and -18 degrees Celsius in the freezer will provide you with good food storage as well as low energy consumption.

Take quick showers and use low-flow shower heads to save on hot water. If you take a 5-minute shower, you will use approximately 60 liters of water and 2.3 kWh, compared to 180 liters of water and 6.9 kWh for a 15-minute shower.

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New electricity network prices from 1st October 2022.


Partille Energi Nät AB will raise the fees for the network electricity transmission from 1st October 2022.

The adjustment is due to the very high electricity trading prices. This leads to significantly increased purchase costs for the energy losses of the electricity network. The fees for subscription, effect and reactive effect will not be adjusted. Thus they stay the same as before.

TariffNew electricity transmission fee
Flat (max 16A)39,50 öre/kWh
Other residences34,25 öre/kWh
Prices for private customers include VAT.

Further information on tariffs and prices for private customers can be found here.

For a flat with an annual consumption of 2 000 kWh, the adjustment corresponds to a raised electricity network cost of 16 SEK/month. For a villa or larger flat with an annual consumption of 5 000 kWh, the cost will be raised by 40 SEK/month. For a villa with an annual consumption of 20 000 kWh, the raised cost will be 158 SEK/month.

Further information about what is considered to be a normal use of electricity in a household can be found here.

Business customers

TariffNew electricity transmission fee
Max 63A27,40 öre/kWh
Över 63A13,80 öre/kWh
HSP 10 kV6,60 öre/kWh
Prices for business customers exclude VAT.

Further information on tariffs and prices for business customers can be found here.

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Partille Energi and Partillebo are building neighborhood charging for electric cars

Starting in the autumn of 2021, Partille Energi and Partillebo will jointly start building public charging stations for electric cars at six locations in the municipality.

In the “Kraftsamling elektrifiering” program, the Västra Götaland region (VGR) provides financial support for the development and establishment of neighborhood charging in collaboration with various energy and housing companies. One requirement is that the charging stations must be built in areas where there are many rental apartments.

Partillebo and Partille Energi have developed a concept for neighborhood charging in Partille and VGR has granted an application for a grant for financing. The decision means that in the autumn we will start building public charging stations for electric cars in six different places in the municipality, including in central Partille, Björndammen, Oxled and Ljungkullen.

We are happy to be able to make it easier for residents in tenancies to easily charge their electric car. Today there are almost no public charging stations in Partille. With this investment, the opportunities to charge your car in a place close to where you live will be much greater even if you live in a tenancy, says Mikael Jednell, Deputy CEO of Partille Energi and Head of Energy at Partillebo.

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Higher energy use for many at the beginning of the year

According to SMHI, February this year was about 5% colder than a so-called normal year and much colder than February last year. If you live in a villa, the cold start of the year can mean that your energy use is higher compared to the same period last year.

About 80% of the energy use in a villa goes to heating and hot water. A higher energy use in the first months of this year compared to the same period last year is completely normal because it has been so cold.

The current pandemic means that many are now working or studying from home. This also means that energy use in a household can be higher than before. This applies to both apartments and villas.

Feel free to log in to My Pages and look at your energy statistics. There you can, for example, analyze when in the day you use the most energy. The next step is to think about whether you can save by turning something off or changing your habits.

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Temporary restriction of spontaneous visits

Support Partille Energi

Due to the government’s stricter guidelines for preventing the spread of covid-19 in society, we only accept visits booked in advance at our office at Kyrktorget 51 in Partille.

This applies until the Swedish Public Health Agency changes its guidelines.

However, our Customer Service is open as usual and you are welcome to contact us via the website, telephone, email or letter.

Take care!

With kind regards from us at Customer Service.

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Information on how to adjust your district heating substation.

Do you know how your local district heating substation works? If not, you can watch our new video with English subtitles to understand how it works. The video will show you useful tips such as how to adjust the heat of your hot water, how to vent your radiators and much more.

When the heat is turned on again after a period of being shut off during summertime everything mostly works accordingly. But sometimes a situation of cold radiators may occur. If you live in a villa in Partille with district heating you have your own district heating substation located in your house.

In our video-guide to self help posted above, you will get a demonstration on the different valves, what the controls are for and how to adjust these to sustain comfort in your home.

If you followed the instructions in the video, and still are having trouble with your district heating system – do not hesitate to contact our customer service and we will help you to book a service appointment.

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Keep track of your energy use

Graf som visar energianvändning öve dygn

Welcome to login at Mina Sidor (My Pages) with a BankID. If you are a private customer, you can login directly. If you are a business customer, you will need to contact Customer Service at first. We will set up an account for the person/persons with the right to display the business information.

One way to keep track and reduce your energy costs is to analyze when you use most energy during the day. The next step is to consider if you can save energy by turning off something, or change your habits. Perhaps some of your appliances are connected without being used. If you have an electricity tariff where you pay for effect, it’s a good idea to reduce the highest effect output. You can do this by trying to spread your energy use around the clock/during the day.

The figure shows how the electricity use for a family in a house can be distributed during 24 hours.

You can choose which time interval you want to check in the charts. If you move the cursor over the chart columns, the exact values will be displayed.

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Get outage information in your mobile phone.

Kvinna med mobiltelefon

Register your mobile telephone number, so that you can get text messages about planned outages and service interruptions in a quick and easy way.

It’s important for Partille Energi to be able deliver electricity and distant heating with high operational safety. That is why we continously do maintenance work on our grid networks and other equipment.

During the autumn we will replace a large number of our cable distribution cabinets to improve electricity safety. During the replacement of the cabinets, there will be shorter, planned power outages. Customers affected by the interruptions will receive information by post and as a message on My Pages. We will also carry out a test about receiving outage information in mobile phones.

This is how it works.

Before the planned outage, and in good time, you will get a text message about the day and hour of the maintenance work. Then you will get a reminder when it’s time. During an unplanned outage/service disruption you will get a text message as soon as the error is discovered.

Would you like to get information about outages in your mobile phone? Please log into Mina Sidor (My Pages) with your BankID och register your mobile phone number under Mina Uppgifter (My Details).

Welcome to register!

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Changed procedure for invoicing

30 september

Since December 2019 Partille Energi has applied extra long payment terms for invoices to private customers. From September we will go back to the recommendations in the General terms of agreements, with a payment term of 20 days.

As a customer during the transition you will receive invoices from us both in August and September, with the payment date of 30th September. The invoices refer to different consumption periods. This change applies both to the electricity network and the district heating. If you have problems with the payment, please contact Customer Service.

You will find the General terms of agreement on the page Documents & forms

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Summer opening hours at Customer Service

Summer is here and it’s time for vacations. Our summer opening hours: 15th June to 14th August, Customer Service will be closed for lunch 12-13.

We are still open as usual Monday to Thursday 8-17 and Fridays 8-15 (except for holidays).

Call us at 031-336 96 60 or e-mail If you wish to report an error after opening hours, please call 031-336 96 70.

We wish you a lovely summer!

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We are looking for customer service employees for Partille Energi

Vill du bli en i teamet på Partille Energis Kundservice?

Partille Energi har nyligen byggt upp en egen Marknadsfunktion för elnät och fjärrvärme i Partille. Vi som jobbar på avdelningen är fyra kundservicemedarbetare, marknadschef samt vice VD. Nu behöver vi förstärka med ytterligare en kundservicemedarbetare.

Om tjänsten

Marknadsfunktionen är navet där kunderna har sin naturliga kontaktpunkt för sina elnäts- och fjärrvärmefrågor. Inom kort kommer vi även att starta elhandel. Arbetsområden som vi hanterar är t.ex. försäljning, avtalshantering, prisfrågor, anläggningar, förbrukning, fakturor, kundträffar, hemsida, sociala medier m.m.

Vem är du?

Du är van att arbeta i en föränderlig miljö och vill vara med och påverka samt skapa något nytt. Dessutom är det viktigt att du är en duktig kommunikatör, eftersom du i stor utsträckning kommer att kommunicera med både kunder, samarbetspartners och kollegor i både tal och skrift. 

Du har säljfokus, viljan och drivet att arbeta mot egna och gemensamt uppsatta mål för att bidra till utveckling av verksamheten och att vårda goda kundrelationer. Du är positiv, noggrann och har ett stort engagemang för att vilja kommunicera med våra kunder och med fokus på att lösa kundens ärende i första kontakten.

För att vara framgångsrik i rollen tror vi att du har en gymnasial utbildning och dokumenterad erfarenhet från en liknande roll, gärna inom samma bransch.  Du kan uttrycka dig obehindrat i tal och skrift i såväl svenska som engelska då det krävs för de dagliga arbetsuppgifterna.

Vad vi erbjuder

Tjänsten är tillsvidareanställning på 100% hos moderbolaget Partillebo. Tillträde 1 september eller efter överenskommelse. Vi sitter i fräscha lokaler på Kyrktorget i Partille, mitt emot Allum. På kontoret vid Kyrktorget jobbar ca 25 personer och totalt i Partillebo ett 70-tal personer.

Arbetstiderna är vardagar på kontorstid och det finns kollektivavtal.

Om Företaget

Partille Energi ägs av Partillebo ett fastighetsbolag som äger och förvaltar ca 3 900 bostäder och ca 220 000 kvm lokaler i Partille kommun. Partille Energi bedriver fjärrvärme-verksamhet för ca 2500 kunder och via dotterbolaget Partille Energi Nät bedrivs elnätsverksamhet för ca 15 000 kunder. Lerum Energi ansvarar på uppdrag av Partille Energi för bl.a. drift och underhåll av elnätet och fjärrvärmenätet samt vissa delar inom ekonomi.
Partillebo-koncernen ägs till 100 % av Partille Kommun.

Hur söker jag jobbet?

Välkommen med din ansökan med CV och personligt brev via Urval och intervjuer sker löpande så skicka in din ansökan så snart som möjligt. Har du frågor är du välkommen att kontakta rekryteringskonsult Fia Fagerlund på
Gå gärna in på LinkedIn och lägg till Fia Fagerlund.

 Välkommen med din ansökan!

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