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Our business activity

Since the turn of the year 2017/2018 the energy utility companies Partille Energi AB and Partille Energi Nät AB are owned by Partillebo AB, which in its turn is owned by Partille municipality.

With simplicity, care for our customers and with a strong community involvement, with our offers we will contribute to strengthening our customers’ and Partille’s competitiveness. Our electricity network business, which is a monopoly, will also be associated with the same positive values ​​as the other parts of the business.

Partille Energi will maintain a balanced economic development. The companies will continue to invest and reinvest in the networks for district heating and electricity in Partille, in order to create favorable conditions for both housing and business in Partille.

Our mission

Partille Energi’s mission is to provide district heating and electricity networks within Partille municipality. The assignment includes overall responsibility for the infrastructure for district heating and electricity networks as well as sales of district heating to customers within Partille municipality. We also contribute with expertise in the energy field to the Partillebo group of companies and to Partille municipality.

Our vision

Together we create the best future in Partille.

Our business idea

We are a community developer with world-class personal service that commercially creates, develops and offers sustainable living environments, premises and energy solutions.

Our core values

Simple – Close to the customers – Reliable

Company facts

Partille Energi AB

Business identity code: 556478 – 1440.
Owner: Wholly owned subsidiary of Partillebo AB, business identity number 556053 – 6418.
CEO: Mikael Jednell
Net turnover 2021: 168 839 000 SEK
Profit after financial items: 17 737 000 SEK

Partille Energi Nät AB

Business identity code: 556528 – 5698.
Owner: Wholly owned subsidiary of Partille Energi AB, business identity number 556478 – 1440.
CEO: Mikael Jednell
Net turnover 2021: 79 462 000 SEK
Profit after financial items: 12 202 000 SEK

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