Consumer rights

We at Partille Energi care about our customers. We wish you to be satisfied, as our customer, and that your district heating and electricity works the way it should.

You can find a lot of answers and information in your contract or current contract terms. All contract terms for electricity networks and district heating are collected under the heading Dokument och blanketter here on our website. You can also contact our customer service if you want us to send the terms to you.

On the rights of consumers

There are provisions in the Electricity Act, the District Heating Act, the Consumer Sales Act and the Consumer Services Act that regulate your rights and obligations as a customer. The regulations that apply depend on which service and product your case applies to. Read more about your rights as a consumer in Chapter 11 of the Electricity Act on the Swedish Parliament’s website.

Management of complaints

If you have comments or complaints, you are welcome to contact our Customer Service by phone or email. For quick service, please have your customer information and other essential information at hand. If you submit your case by mail or letter, you are welcome to attach documents such as invoices, emails, letters or anything else you wish to invoke.

If you have a claim for compensation, we would like that you submit it in writing. In the event of a complaint and compensation for damages, please use our form for compensation on the page for Documents and forms. We will receive your case and start an investigation. Then we will inform you of our position in the case. If you have suffered an injury, we also recommend that you contact your insurance company, so as not to lose any compensation.

Bodies for external advice in case of a dispute

Perhaps you are not satisfied with our handling of your case? Then you can turn to the authorities and bodies below for advice or have the case tried by an external party.

Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (ARN) The National Board for Consumer Disputes The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) is a public authority that can try disputes between consumers and business operators, without charging any costs.

Konsumentverket (The Swedish Consumer Agency) Can provide information before and after a purchase and helps you to exercise your rights as a consumer.

Konsumenternas Energimarknadsbyrå (The Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau) Provides private individuals and small businesses with independent and free guidance on issues related to electricity, gas and district heating.    

Energimarknadsinspektionen EI (The Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate) EI is a supervisory authority which is commissioned to strive for well-functioning energy markets. Can try the terms and prices for electricity, natural gas and district heating. They receive notification if the company does not comply with regulations that are subject to the authority’s supervision.  

Swedish courts of justice

Energimyndigheten (The Swedish Energy Agency) – Fjärrvärmenämnden ( The District Heating Board) The Swedish Energy Agency includes, among other things, the District Heating Board, which mediates in negotiations between district heating companies and district heating customers on prices and other conditions in accordance with the District Heating Act.

Independent guidance for users

Konsumenternas Energimarknadsbyrå (The Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau)
The Consumers’ Energy Market Bureau is an independent agency that informs about and provides advice and guidance in matters concerning the energy market. The advice is free of charge.

Hallå Konsument
Hallå Konsument is an independent guidance service coordinated by The Swedish Consumer Agency.

Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency)
Information on independent guidance for users, where you can get advice on available energy efficiency measures and comparison profiles.

Energi- och klimatrådgivning Partille kommun (Energy and Climate Advice Partille Municipality)
Partille Municipality shares energy and climate advisers with Lerum Municipality. It’s an impartial and free service that helps you become more energy efficient and reduce your energy consumption. Contact details for the energy and climate advisers are available on the Swedish Energy Agency’s website, which you can access through the link in the header.

Compensation for power outages

Of course, if Partille Energi is responsible for the occurrence of an error or damage, we will compensate you. Send us your claim for compensation, and we promise to help you in the best way. Below you can read more about your rights as a customer and how to proceed if you have a complaint or want to request compensation.

Can I get compensation after an electricity outage or disruption?

If you happen to get a shorter power outages where something is broken, you should both contact your insurance company and make a complaint to us at Partille Energi.

If a non-planned power outage lasts for more than 12 consecutive hours, you will normally have the right to get compensation. If the electricity returns for a shorter period than two hours during the outage, the interruption is considered continuous. The minimum compensation is 1 000 SEK, but the compensation may be higher depending on the length of the power outage and your estimated annual network cost.

When an outage lasts for 12-24 hours, your compensation will be 12.5 % of your yearly cost for the electricity network, or a minimum of 1 000 SEK.

When an outage lasts for 24-48 hours, your compensation will be 37.5 % of your yearly cost for the electricity network, or a minimum of 2 000 SEK.

Thereafter the compensation will increase with 25 % for every new 24-hour period. The maximum compensation is 300 % of the yearly cost for the electrical network.

You do not have to apply for outage compensation yourself. It is paid out automatically on one of the subsequent electricity network invoices. Normally we do this within three to six months.

You may also be entitled to compensation for damages regardless of the length of the power outage. However, consumers are not entitled to indemnity if we as an electricity network company show that the outage was due to an obstacle beyond our control.

If you wish to know more about the right to compensation for damages, you are welcome to email or call our Customer Service. You can also read more in Chapter 11 of the Electricity Act or at the website of the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate.

When is the financial compensation not paid

Financial compensation will not be paid in the following cases:

  • If the customer has not fulfilled their obligations so that the electricity has been turned off, or if the customer has requested a shutdown.
  • If the power outage is due to the customer’s negligence.
  • If the transmission of electricity is interrupted to take measures that are justified for electrical safety reasons or to maintain good operational and delivery safety.
  • If the outage does not relate to Partille Energi’s so-called control responsibility.
  • If the power outage is due to faults in the main network.

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