Electricity network

Partille Energi Nät AB owns the power lines in Partille. We are responsible for the delivery of electricity to all houses, flats, companies, public facilities and other utilities in the municipality.

It’s important to deliver electricity safely and securely to you. That is why we invest, refurbish and structurally improve the electricity network to safeguard delivery of electricity every day. We want it to be good to live and work in Partille, so our electricity network tariffs are among the lowest in Sweden.

Electricity network contract and prices

The electricity network fee

Below are current prices if you are a private customer. All prices include 25 % VAT. Energy tax will be added.

Prices 2020Flat (16A) *Other residences: **
Subscription1020 kr/år1350 kr/år
Electricity transmission30,00 öre/kWh23,50 öre/kWh
Effect26,25 kr/kW

*Applies to a flat in an apartment building with at least three residences connected on a common service line where the main fuse is max 16A. The tariff is called ”Säkringsabonnemang Lägenhet” (”Fuse subscription for flat”) on your invoice.

On the 1st of January 2020 the energy tax changed to .

The different parts of the electricity network fee

The electricity network fee is divided into two or three parts, depending on the type of residence.

Subscription/Abonnemang – a fixed yearly fee paid by the customers which gives them access to the electricity network. The fee depends on the size of the main fuse.

Electricity transmission – a variable fee for the delivery of electricity through the electricity network. The fee you pay is based on how much electricity you use.

Effect – a variable fee for the maximal load of the electricity network’s capacity. The fee you pay is based on the highest consumption/specific hour each month (kW).

If you live in a flat in an apartment block with at least three flats connected to a common service line and a main fuse with a maximum effect of 16A, there will be no effect charge fee on your invoice.

Energy tax

You pay energy tax for the electricity you use. The tax is charged on your electricity network invoice. From 1st January 2020 the new energy tax is .

To sign an electricity network contract

When you are about to move, it’s important to sign a new electricity network contract. You must also cancel the contract for the residence you are moving from. Every residence has a specific installation ID connected to the building. The electricity network contract is connected to this number and it cannot be transferred when you move. That is why you have to cancel your electricity network contract when you move and sign a new one for your new residence. If you move within Partille you can do this by filling in a form at Customer Service (Kundservice) here on our website. If you move away from Partille municipality, it’s important to find out who the electricity network operator is in your new place. Remember that you need to tell us 14 days before you move to make sure everything works properly. You will find the contractual terms of agreement for electricity network delivery to individuals under Documents & forms

Link to Form for moving

Prices 2019
Prices 2019Flat (16A) *Other residences: **
Subscription82,5 kr/mån110 kr/mån
Electricity transmission28,5 öre/kWh22,0 öre/kWh
Effect26,25 kr/kW

*Applies to a flat in an apartment building with at least three residences connected on a common service line where the main fuse is max 16A. The tariff is called ”Säkringsabonnemang Lägenhet” (”Fuse subscription for flat”) on your invoice.

The energy tax for 2019 is 43,38 öre/kWh.

Use of electricity and reading of the electricity meter

Information about remote reading

We usually read the meter through a signal over the electricity network (remote reading). When you get the invoice you are paying for your real electricity use, and you will avoid getting unexpected updated invoices. When you move you don’t need to read the meter yourself. The reading will reach us automatically.

Electricity network invoice

We normally charge electricity network fees every month or every second month, but at least quarterly. If you want to change how often you receive an invoice, you are welcome to contact our Customer Service by mail or phone. On your invoice you can view the statistics of your electricity use. Soon we will also open My Pages (Mina Sidor) on this website. On My Pages (Mina Sidor) you will find more detailed information about your consumption, and be able to view information about your contract and your invoices.

Do you suspect that someone else’s meter has been mistaken for yours?

If you feel your consumption is higher than what is reasonable, one explanation might be that your meter has been confused with a neighbour’s meter. When electricity meters are mistakenly confused for one another, there might be several reasons.

Possible reasons

  • The wrong label on both meter box and installation ID
  • Misconnections in the building.
  • Housings for electricity centrals (fuse boxes), which are removed during refurbishing, might be reinstalled incorrectly.
  • Incorrect information when moving flat, or similar.
  • If you live in an apartment block, the meter and the meter housing box are normally located in an electricity room or in a locked niche. Ask help of your house caretaker, landlord or someone with a key to the room. Together you can easily check the meter and figure out if there is something wrong.

This is a how you can check the installation:

  • Compare the information on the invoice about installation ID and meter number with the information on the meter itself.
  • Check if the meter number on the invoice corresponds with the label on the meter box.
  • Check that the flat number on your invoice corresponds with your flat number in your apartment block’s list of flats.
  • Turn off the main fuse (switch) on the meter box. Check that there is no electricity in your flat.

What is normal use of electricity for a household?

The normal consumption of household electricity in a detached house or a large flat is around 5 000 kWh/year, which is approximately divided as follows:

  • Laundry and drying, around 1 000 kWh
  • Washing up, around 350 kWh
  • Electrical appliances, around 850 kWh
  • Fridge, freezer, cool cupboard, around 1 000 kWh
  • Cooking, around 800 kWh
  • Lighting, around 1 000 kWh

In recent years people have more computers and electronic equipment, which has increased their electricity use at home. That is why it’s not uncommon for people to have a much higher level of household electricity consumption than the one above. In a detached or terraced house there is also the added energy consumption for heat and hot water. For a family, we can roughly estimate 5 000 kWh for hot water and 10 000–15 000 kWh for heating. Even here, there can be big differences. Several factors make a difference. For example the number of people living in the household, the size of the residence, the in-house temperature and if the house is well isolated.

Do you want to know more and get energy saving advice and tips on what you can do about this at home? Please fill in the energy calculation form Energikalkylen at the website of Energimyndigheten (the Swedish Energy Agency).


New connection

If you build your own new home or move into a house that does not yet have electricity, you will need to order a new permanent electricity connection. The first step is to contact an authorised electrician. The authorised electrician will send in an application via foranmalan.nu. In the first instance it’s the authorised electrician who deals with the electricity network company.

Prices for new connections

When installing new electricity connections we follow the price model of Energimarknadsinspektionen (the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate). The distance is measured as a straight line between the connection and the closest point of connection in the electricity network. The extra metre fee will only be charged on metres that exceed the lower range within each zone. You can always ask for a quote if you are not sure what the terms are in your case. All prices include VAT.

Connection with service fuse 1625A

16–250–199 metres36 250 kr
200–600 metres36 250 kr + 310 kr/meter
600–1200 metres160 250 kr + 677,50 kr/meter
1200-1800 metres566 750 kr + 411,25 kr/meter

(25 metres electricity cable 5x25N1XE and protective tubes are included. If you need more than 25 metres, extended length will be charged.)

Do you need more electricity?

We can make you an offer on all connections for service fuses from 35A or more, not dependent on distance. The cost of the electricity cable is added.

Other installation works

When extending to 3-phase3 125 kr
Add-on subscription3 000 kr

Pre-registration and completion registration – information to electricians

Partille Energi uses a web based system for contacts with all electricians. The site is foranmalan.nu, where the electrician can register all necessary information, and where they also track the case. NOTE! In case of pre-registration in Partille, please choose Partille Energi Nät AB under the tab ”network owner” (nätägare).

Do this

  1. Go to foranmalan.nu and choose ”Skapa konto” (Create account).
  2. Register you account details.
  3. An e-mail will be sent to you with your login information.
  4. Login with the password you were sent in the e-mail and register your business details, together with the personal details of the individuals who will have the right to use the system. After this, the pre-registration (föranmälan) will be ready to use.
  5. If you need further information, please contact our Customer Service by e-mail or phone.

Link to foranmalan.nu

Taking down a meter

If you want to cancel a subscription altogether and take down the meter, we ask you to contract an authorised electrician, who can carry out the pre-registration and completion registration of the work with us. This might be the case if you are planning to refurbish a house where a meter is installed, or if the house is going to be demolished.

Excavating, building and ordering temporary electricity

If you plan to do any excavating and digging, it’s important that you order a localization of cables (kabelanvisning) in the ground where you will be excavating. In this way you will avoid to cause power outages and cutting off cables by mistake.

Cable and pipe localization through ledningskollen.se

All localization of pipes and cables must be ordered at least 5 days before you begin excavating. This is easily done through ledningskollen.se. After you have placed your order, our supplier Geomatikk will identify and mark the localizations of the pipes and cables you have identified, through the account you have created.

Ledningskollen.se is a free web service managed by Post och telestyrelsen, PTS (the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority), where many of the cable owners are affiliated.

Keep in mind! You are always responsible for any damage caused by the excavating.  

Link to ledningskollen.se

Temporary electricity connection

You might need a temporary electricity connection, also called work site connection, to get electricity to a building or a facility during the construction period. All prices on this page include VAT. Energy tax will be added. Prices for temporary facilities with a main fuse higher than 63A are listed under Electricity network for businesses.

Price list for temporary subscriptions (work site connections) 2020

Connection cost (one-off cost)
25A–63A2750 kr
Day-to-day fees
Subscription cost1350 kr/år
Electricity transmission23,50 öre/kWh
Effect fee26,25 kr/kW

You order a temporary connection from an authorised electrician, who will make a pre-registration (föranmälan) and a completion registration (färdiganmälan) to us in the same way as when they register a new connection.

Solar panels on the roof of detached houses

Independent electricity production

Would you like to install solar panels on your house and start producing renewable energy? It is a good investment for the environment and you will also have the possibility to earn money on your production.

Remuneration for the power you feed into the network

If you have signed an electricity network contract (elnätsavtal) with us and installed a solar power plant, we will replace your meter with one for both consumption and production, without any charge. If the solar power plant’s effect is maximum 43.5 kW and your main fuse is at maximum 63A, and you do not upload more electricity than you use during a year, the meter will be free of charge. We will also compensate you for the electricity you feed into the network, a “network advantage”.

Transmission remuneration 2020

Transmission (network advantage) incl. VAT7,50 öre/kWh
Transmission (network advantage) excl. VAT6,00 öre/kWh

Selling the surplus production It’s possible for you to sell your overproduction of electricity to a electricity supplier. It is also possible for you to sell the electricity certificates and the guarantees of origin earned by production from renewable sources to the electricity supplier.

Transmission remuneration 2019

Transmission remuneration 2019

Transmission (network advantage)7,50 öre/kWh
Transmission (network advantage) excl. VAT6,00 öre/kWh

Tax regulations

You can get a tax reduction for the electricity you supply. If the plant’s effect is less than 255 kW, you do not need to pay any energy tax on your production. You do not need to register for VAT, as long as you do not sell electricity, other goods or services, to a value of more 30 000 SEK per year (exclusive of VAT).

More information

Find more information on Solelportalen, a platform for solar energy at the Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency). You will also find independent practical guidance about installing solar panel plants.

Link to Solelportalen

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