Electricity meters

Partille Energi is replacing all electricity meters

From the autumn 2023 until the end of 2024, we will replace all electricity meters in Partille. Our new electricity meter is the OMNIA® e-meter. It’s set up with several great features, such as a new customer interface, HAN (Home Area Network). It enables you to set up a connection to your smart home equipment. Thereby you can monitor and control your electricity use.
The new meters can handle produced energy right from the start. When you install solar cells, for example, you will not have to wait for a meter replacement any longer. This used to be part of the process until now.

The Energy Market Inspectorate has defined the functional requirements for the new electricity meters, which will have to be introduced by 1 January 2025 at the latest. Thus, from the autumn 2023 until the end of 2024, we will replace all electricity meters in Partille. You do not have to pay for the meter replacement. The cost is included in the electricity network fee.

Learn more about the functional requirements on the Energy Market Inspectorate’s website.

Replacements in five stages

A first round of testing, when we replace a small number of meters, will be carried out during the end of August and the beginning of September 2023. Thereafter replacements will continue, area by area in Partille, during five stages until the end of 2024.


Stage 1: oktober-december 2023
Stage 2: januari-februari 2024
Stage 3: mars-maj 2024
Stage 4: juli-september 2024
Stage 5: oktober-november 2024

We will install the meters in a sequence of geographically defined areas, for the work to be as efficient as possible. Customers who acquire solar cells, whilst they still have an old meter that does not support the measuring of produced electricity, will of course get a new meter. This also applies if the planned meter replacements in their area is scheduled further ahead in time. A meter replacement is required for the measurement data collection of produced energy to work.

In other cases, we are seldom able to prioritise an individual meter replacement, unless changed conditions show that a meter change is necessary. Requests for earlier meter replacements to control electric car charging will not currently be given priority, if the old meter and the measurement data collection are working.

Information and notification about the replacement

You will receive an information letter from us well in advance before the works start in your area.

Afterwards our contractor OneCo will notify you when your electricity meter will be replaced. Notifications will be carried out in slightly different ways depending on where your electricity meter is located.

If the meter is placed indoors and we need your help to reach it, you will receive a booking with the replacement date and time. If the meter is placed outside, you will receive a notification about when the work is to be done. You do not have to be at home when the replacement is made.

In a block of flats, where the meter is located in a central location in the property, information will be posted in suitable places in the property, for example in the entrance by the stairwell. 

We send out the notifications as the meter replacement will lead to a short power outage, and because we wish you to feel safe when our contractor works in the property.


The meter replacements are carried out by OneCo, on behalf of Lerum Energi, which is Partille Energi’s partner for operation and maintenance of the electricity network.

During the replacement, there will be a short power outage of about 30 minutes.

This is how your new electricity meter works

Our new electricity meter is the OMNIA® e-meter. It is delivered from the Kamstrup company.

  1. The constant LED light flashes yellow when the meter registers energy.
  2. The LED light displays the status of the supply switch. If the light is solid red, the switch is disconnected by Partille Energi. The power is cut off for the property. If the red light flashes, the switch is released for reconnection of the meter. See also description for the button under point 6.
  3. Service interface for Partille Energi.
  4. HAN interface (Home Area Network). This is an open customer interface which will register further data, not only your consumption. You can gain access to the data by connecting to the customer interface. You can also connect a smart home equipment to the customer interface and thereby control the heating or charging of an electric car. The equipment must be compatible with the DSMR 5.02 Companion standard and the Energy Companies’ recommendation v2 0-201912.
  5. The network owner’s sealing wheel for sealing the meter.
  6. Control push button for the power supply switch. Press and hold the push button for 3 seconds to break the electricity. Press and hold the push button for 3 seconds to reconnect the electricity. On meters with a meter fuse over 80 amperes, there is no supply switch and the button has no function.
  7. Menu push button: Cycle the information shown in the display. Scroll to see different value fields in the meter. Value field 1.8.0 displays your total consumption and the current meter reading. Value field 2.8.0 displays the current meter reading for your total production and what you export to the network, if you have a solar energy production facility.

Below you will find a detailed description of the various fields and symbols in the meter display.

8a. Displays a unique code for the chosen value field. 
8b. The symbol is lit when the value field displays information of any non-measurement type. 
8c. An error has occurred in the meter. Please contact Customer Service. 
8d. Displays the unit of the measured value.
8e. The signal strength for communication.
8f. A solid light indicates that there is a verified connection with the system for data collection.
8g. Not in use.
8h Not in use. 
8i. Indicates that the meter has been exposed to attempts of tampering or manipulation. 
8j. Indicates the current net load type. 
8k. Indicates the sequence of the connected phases. 
8l. Indicates the phase voltage. 
8m. Indicates the direction of the current. 
8n. Field for displaying value, for example current meter reading of consumption.

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