Electricity network for business

Partille Energi is the owner of the electricity network in Partille. We are responsible for the transport of electricity to residences, business companies, public premises and other utilities in the municipality. We are committed to deliver electricity in a safe and sound way.

We are constantly planning for present and future needs in order to provide your business with the electricity you require. As an example we can mention that nowadays almost the entire electricity network is underground.

Prices and contracts

Electricity network fee 2022

Below you will find current prices if you have a business. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Prices 2022SubscriptionElectricity transmissionEffectReactive effect
Max 63A1 156 kr/år19,80 öre/kWh23,60 kr/kW, mån
Over 63A7 500 kr/år9,90 öre/kWh48,70 kr/kW, mån
HV 10 kV14 500 kr/år4,70 öre/kWh41,80 kr/kW, mån12,50 kr/kVAr, mån

Energy tax will be added. From 1st January the energy tax is 36,00 öre/kWh.

Energy tax 2022

You pay the energy tax for the energy you use. The tax is charged on the electricity network invoice. From 1st January the energy tax is 36,00 öre/kWh.

What does the electricity network fee consist of?

The subscription is a fixed yearly fee paid by the customers for access to the electricity network. The fee depends on the size of the main fuse.

Electricity transmission  is a variable fee for the transport of electricity through the network. The fee is based on how much electricity you use.

Effect is a variable fee for the maximum load of the electricity network’s capacity. The fee is based on the highest consumption/hour each month (kW).

Reactive effect fee is a variable fee for the highest measured active effect in kW each month.  The fee is based on the use of reactive effect in kVAr that exceeding 50 % for 10 kV ( 15 % for 130 kV).

To sign an electricity network contract

When your business is about to move, it’s important to sign a new electricity network contract, and to cancel the contract for the premise you are moving away from.

Each electricity facility has a specific installation ID connected to the building and the electricity network contract cannot be transferred. Therefore it’s important to cancel the contract when moving out and to sign a new one at the new address. If the move is within Partille municipality, you can easily do it by filling in a form on the Customer Service page on our website.

If your company moves away from Partille municipality, it’s important to find out who the electricity network operator is in your new place. Remember that you need to tell Partille Energi 14 days before you move to make sure everything works properly

Link to Form for moving

Use of electricity and reading of the meter

Remote reading and invoicing

The meter reading is usually done through a signal over the electricity network (remote reading). When you get the invoice you are paying for your real electricity use, and you will avoid getting unexpected updated invoices. When you move you don’t need to read the meter yourself. The reading will reach us automatically. For detailed information about electricity consumption we recommend you to login to My Pages. There you can also compare your current electricity consumption with previous months or years. We normally charge business electricity network fees every month or every second month.

New connection

If you build a new home or move into a residence that does not yet have electricity, you will need a new permanent electricity connection. The first step is to contact an authorised electrician. The electrician will send in an application via foranmälan.nu. In the first instance it’s the authorised electrician who deals with the electricity network company.

Prices for new connections

When installing new electricity connections Partille Energi follows the price model of Energimarknadsinspektionen (the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate). The distance is measured as a straight line between the connection and the closest point of connection in the electricity network. The extra metre fee will only be charged on metres that exceed the lower range within each zone. You can always ask for a quote if you are not sure what the terms are in your case. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Connection with service fuse 1625A

16–250–199 metres30 500 kr
200–600 metres30 500 kr + 262 kr/meter
600–1200 metres135 300 kr + 640 kr/meter
1200–1800 metres519 300 kr + 389 kr/meter

Connection with service fuse from 35A and more

We can make you an offer on all connections for service fuses from 35A or more, not dependent on distance. The cost for an electricity cable will be added.

Other installation works

When extending to 3-phase2 500 kr
Add-on subscription2 400 kr
Pre-registration and completion registration

Partille Energi uses a web based system for contacts with all electricians.

The site is foranmalan.nu, where the electrician can register all necessary information, and where they also track the case.

NOTE! In case of pre-registration in Partille, please choose Partille Energi Nät AB under the tab ”network owner” (nätägare).

Do this:

  1. Go to foramälan.nu and choose ”Skapa konto”.
  2. Register you account details.
  3. An e-mail will be sent to you with your login information.
  4. Login with the password you were sent in the e-mail and register your business details, together with the personal details of the individuals who will have the right to use the system. After this, the form will be ready to use.
  5. If you need further information, please contact our Customer Service by e-mail or phone.

Link to foranmalan.nu

Taking down a meter

If you want to cancel a subscription altogether and take down the meter, we ask you to contract an authorised electrician, who can carry out the pre-registration and completion registration of the work with us. This might happen if you are planning to refurbish a house where a meter is installed, or if the house is going to be demolished.

Excavating, building and ordering temporary electricity

If you plan to do excavating work, it’s important to order a localization of cables (kabelanvisning). It avoids damaging cables by mistake.

Cable localization through ledningskollen.se

If you plan to do excavating, bulldozer or explosive work, it’s important to order a localization of cables (kabelanvisning). It avoids power cuts by cables damaged by mistake. All localization of pipes and cables must be ordered at least 5 days before you begin the work. This is easily done through ledningskollen.se. After you have placed your order, our supplier Geomatikk will identify and mark the localizations of the pipe and cables identified through the account you have created.

Ledningskollen.se is a free web service managed by Post och telestyrelsen, PTS (the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority), where many of the cable owners are affiliated.

Keep in mind! You are always responsible for any damage caused by the excavating.

Link to Ledningskollen.se

Temporary electricity connection

A temporary electricity connection, also called work site connection, is a solution to get electricity to a building or a facility during the construction period. All prices on this page are exclusive of VAT. Energy tax will be added.

Price list for temporary subscriptions (work site connections) 2022

Connection cost (one-off cost)
25A–63A2 200 kr
>63 A 4 800 kr
Day-to-day fees 25A–63A
Subscription1 156 kr/år
Electricity transmission19,80 öre/kWh
Effect fee23,60 kr/kW, mån
Day-to-day fees >63A
Subscription7 500 kr/år
Electricity transmission9,90 öre/kWh
Effect fee48,70 kr/kW, mån

You order a temporary connection from an authorised electrician, who will make a pre-registration (föranmälan) and a completion registration (färdiganmälan) to us in the same way as when they register a new connection.

Independent electricity production

Installation of solar panels on a business facility is regulated differently from private residencesWe are happy advise you on the size of the facility, and also to help you connect to the electricity network in a flexible way.

Read more here about the fees and remuneration you can receive from us for the electricity you produce. All amounts are exclusive of VAT.

Micro-production 2022

By ”micro-production” we mean power plants which are connected to the low voltage network at 0.4 kV. The electricity plant must have a maximum hourly input not exceeding 43.5 kW, and a main fuse with a maximum effect of 63A.

Your plant will need an electricity network contractual agreement for consumption, and a meter that can gather dual measurements (consumption and production). The electricity network supplier is responsible för replacing the electricity meter at no cost, as soon as you sign an electricity network contract. A further requirement is that the consumption of electricity exceeds the production of electricity during one year.

Transmission remuneration: 6,00 öre/kWh  

Small scale production 2022

Small scale production refers to power plants connected to the low voltage network at 0.4 kV or the high voltage network at 10 kV. The power plant must have a maximum hourly power input of less than, or equal to, 1500 kW.

Transmission remuneration 2,80 öre/kWh  

Subscription fee*: 0 SEK (7 000 kr/år)
Meter fee**: 1 500 kr/år

*Subscription fee is a fixed fee, charged monthly, that applies to producers with production. If the producer also has a contract for consumption from the same power plant the fee is 0 kr.

**Meter fee is a fixed fee, charged monthly, that applies to producers with production and consumption from the same power plant. If the meter only collects data about consumption, the fee is 0 SEK.

High voltage 10kV 2022

High voltage 10 kV refers to production facilities connected to the high voltage network at 10 kV. The power plant must have a maximum registered hourly input that is greater than 1500 kW.

Transmission remuneration: 2,80 öre/kWh
Remuneration for guaranteed minimum production: 0,00 kr/kW, år  

Subscription fee*: 0 SEK (8 500 kr/år)
Meter fee**: 2 700 kr/år  
Effect fee***: 6,00 kr/kW

*Subscription fee is a fixed fee, charged monthly, that applies to producers with production. If the producer also has a contract for consumption from the same power plant the fee is 0 kr.

**Meter fee is a fixed fee, charged monthly, that applies to producers with production and consumption from the same power plant. If the meter only collects data about consumption, the fee is 0 SEK.

***Effect fee is charged every month, based on the highest registered average hourly output per calendar month.

Sell your surplus production!

You can sell the surplus production to an electricity supplier. It is also possible to sell the electricity certificates and the guarantees of origin earned by production from renewable sources to the electricity supplier.

More information

There is more information on Solelportalen, a platform for solar energy at Energimyndigheten (the Swedish Energy Authority). Solelportalen is intended for house owners and property owners who run a business, for example farmers and housing societies.

Link to Solelportalen

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