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Moving a business

This is where you register if you have a business company to move to a residence or to a business premises. Do you have an electricity network contract or district heating contract that you need to terminate? Simply fill in a form for moving a business. Our Customer Service will handle it. Remember to submit the registration well in advance of the move.

Electricity to the premises and the business

First of all, you need to check in which network area the premises are located and who is the network owner at your new address. If the address is located in Partille municipality, you will have to sign an electricity network contractual agreement with Partille Energi. After signing the contract, you will also need to sign an electricity trading contract with a supplier. This can be done before the electricity network contract has been confirmed. Fill in the form or call our Customer Service on the phone 031-336 96 60. Make sure you have all the facts about your new facility and premises at hand. Then the application will be straightforward. Form for moving

How much do electricity and energy cost?
You will find current information about electricity network prices and energy taxes by following the link below.
Prices and agreements for district heating

To sign and cancel an electricity network contract

What happens if you do not sign an electricity network agreement? If there is no signed electricity network contract for the new address, there may be no electricity on the day of moving in, or it will be switched off shortly. It happens when we have not received a message that there is a new customer at the address. We have a routine of closing down facilities where there is no valid ongoing contract. Avoid it by contacting us well in advance.

Notification period electricity network Remember to notify in good time when you move the business to new premises or close the business. A notification of relocation must be submitted at least 14 days before the date when you are moving.

Do we have to make an option for an electricity trading contract? If you do not sign an electricity trading contract with any company, you will receive electricity via a designated contract. It is a standard contract with the trading company that we designate. Göteborg Energi Din El AB is Partille Energi Nät AB’s designated electricity trading supplier.

District heating for the premises and the business

If district heating is installed in your premises and you rent the premises by a property owner, heating is normally included in the rent. If your company has bought the premises, you will have to sign a new district heating contractual agreement. Remember to notify us well in advance. Form for moving

District heating prices
Current information on district heating prices can be found in the link below.
Prices and contracts for district heating

To sign and cancel a district heating contract

A notification of a change of ownership must be submitted at least 30 days before the takeover. After registration, we send out contract documents for signature by post.

Form for moving

Fill in the form below. If you or your company is changing the business identity code, a new registration form for moving must be filled in below.  

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