Current outages

Current outages and service disruptions are shown below. In the event of outages and disruptions of electricity and district heating, the information on this page will be updated as soon as possible.

To report any outage or service disruption of the electricity network or of the district heating,
please call 031-336 96 70.

Read this before reporting an electricity outage

There might be several reasons for an outage in your home. The reason might be an outage in our electricity network, or perhaps it is just that a fuse has blown in your home.

Are you the only one in the neighborhood without electricity? Check your own installation first.
  • Check if your residual-current circuit breaker has tripped. If the breaker has tripped, try to reset it again.
  • Unscrew or switch off the fuses in your fuse box (the distribution board).
  • Screw in or switch on the fuses, one by one, until the circuit breaker trips again.
  • Unscrew or switch off the fuse that is causing the circuit breaker to trip.
  • Check the equipment connected to the circuit that caused the fuse to trip.
  • If you cannot find the error on your own, please contact an electrician.

Partly without power – why?

First of all, always check the fuses in your fuse box, the distribution board. If the symbols L1, L2, L3 are missing, there are two main reasons.

  • One of the meter box fuses is broken.
  • There is no electricity reaching your installation.

If the fuses do no display any signs of error: Turn off the main switch and swap the fuses around. Turn on the main switch again and check if the error has moved to another part of your home. In this case, other parts of your home will probably not have any electricity.

Outage and disruption information for property owners with tenants

If you are a property owner with tenants, it can be good to know that you have a responsibility to pass on interruption information to them. Below are ready-made forms that you are welcome to print or use.

Financial compensation for power outages

In case of power outages you may have the right to financial compensation and indemnity. Read more on the page Consumer’s rights.

Tips and advice during a long power outage

Outages and disruptions of electricity and heating may occur and may be longer lasting. This can be especially troublesome in winter when it’s cold and dark in Sweden. Do you have all you need at home, to manage during an extended power outage? How would you keep your home heated? How would you get water? And how would you cook? At Energimyndigheten (the Swedish Energy Agency) you will find tips and advice about what you can do to prevent and limit the consequences of a longer break in the supply of electricity.Read more here.

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