What does the electricity network fee consist of?

The electricity network fee for detached houses and for most business contracts is divided into three parts.

  • Subscription – a fixed yearly fee paid by the customers which gives them access to the electricity network. The subscription fee depends on the size of the main fuse.
  • Electricity transmission – a variable fee for the delivery of electricity through the electricity network. The fee you pay is based on how much electricity you use.
  • Effect – a variable fee for the maximum load of the electricity network’s capacity. The fee you pay is based on the highest consumption/hour each month (kW).

If you live in a flat in an apartment building with at least three flats connected to a common service cable and a main fuse with a maximum effect of 16A, there will be no effect charge on your invoice.

Businesses with a high voltage subscription will pay a variable extra fee for what is called the reactive effect.

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